Experienced remote mobile tax services to prepare you with a plan on navigating through your taxes without having worry about managing it in tough times or financial issues.

We’re educating and giving back to the community! Our service is open to people and families of all kinds and backgrounds, including low income families. We’re thinking about everybody.

Express Refund Tax Service is motivated to provide you the knowledge you need in navigating and having your taxes prepared. Forget ever having to worry about ethical errors in paying your taxes.

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Express Refund Tax Service is a tax preparation company with values that are the cornerstone of its success. We started out ten years ago with an idea and the hope to be a reaching out entity for all the people, and especially those struggling with low income, to help out and be a solace in eradicating any issues with taxation. Now, we have 6 successful locations across the US, and 20 licensed tax preparers, all dedicated to YOU!

We’re working to expand and hit our next milestone of establishing our offices in ever state throughout the US so that you can access the help and professional guidance you need, within your state, with more ease. Our milestone also includes expanding our tax preparation employee base to 50 employees, within the next couple of years.

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Frequently Ask

Is there any way I can reduce my tax bill?

The tax legislation offers a number of deductions and credit options that might help you reduce your tax liability. Contributing to an employer-sponsored retirement plan or your own individual retirement account can frequently lower your taxable income (IRA). You may also be entitled to the child tax credit if you have dependents.

What’s the difference between marginal and effective tax rates?

The United States has a progressive tax system, which means that when your income rises, it is taxed at a higher marginal rate. Your marginal tax rate is the tax rate associated with the tax band in which your most recent tax payment was made. For instance, if your taxable income in 2022 was $525,000 and it fell under the 35% tax band, your marginal tax rate would be 35%. The overall proportion of your taxable income that is allocated to income taxes is your effective tax rate.

Tax credit or Tax deduction? What’s better?

Considering all other factors equal, a tax credit is frequently preferred over a tax deduction. Tax deductions lessen your taxable income, but tax credits equal a dollar-for-dollar reduction in your tax obligation.

Here’s a short video our employees put together to help you better understand taxes and what we do!


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We believe every customer deserves professional services with high quality and well sough out ethical standards.

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We believe that i you do your work correctly and with integrity, provide honest and sincere services, success will follow.


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Our mission is to provide quality tax services to everyone with care, knowledge, and integrity.