NEED $500 TO $6,000 FAST?

File your taxes and apply for an Easy Advance!

An Easy Advance (EA) is a loan secured by and paid back with your tax refund. Easy Advances are available in the amounts listed below. If approved for an EA, a Finance Charge may apply.

$6,000 $189.36 35.99%
$4,500 $142.02 35.99%
$3,000 $94.68 35.99%
$2,000 $63.12 35.99%
$1,500 $47.34 35.99%
$1,000 $0 0.00%
$500 $0 0.00%

One payment of your loan amount and the Finance Charge is due upon receipt of your 2022 tax refund from the IRS and/or state taxing authority.

For example, if your loan amount is $2,000, your payment due upon receipt of your 2022 tax refund is $2,063.12.

  • You may choose to apply for the loan amount that best fits your needs.Please note, that your options may be limited based on the amount of your expected Federal refund less authorized fees.
  • You will pay back the loan and Finance Charge with your tax refund.
  • A Refund Transfer (RT)1 is not required to apply for an Easy Advance. If you choose an EA only, your disbursement options will be direct deposit or prepaid card.
  • If you do choose an RT and the EA, your disbursement options are bank check, direct deposit, and prepaid card. Ask your tax preparer about fees that may apply.

NOTE: Disbursement options vary by tax office, ask your tax preparer about your available options.

1A Refund Transfer is a fee-based product offered by Republic Bank & Trust Company, Member FDIC. A Refund Transfer Fee and all other authorized amounts will be deducted from your tax refund.Visit your tax preparer to learn about all filing and product options, including obtaining your refund at no additional cost.